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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Get started today!
Kidworth is a place for families. Parents set up the account and create a space for each of their kids. For younger kids, parents will set up the portfolio and monitor the account – in the process, making it easy for friends to lend meaningful support. As kids grow, they’ll take a more active role in setting goals and working to achieve them. So parents plant the seed and kids grow into Kidworth over time.
We’ve found it does 3 main things:
  • Cultivates a habit of setting, achievement and long-term planning;
  • Focuses kids’ financial resources (gifts, allowances, earnings) toward things that help long term and reflect their family’s values.
  • Teaches kids financial responsibility and discipline - what our grandparents used to mean by “understanding the value of a dollar”. But it’s not abstracti - it’s a “learn by doing” experience.

Success doesn’t happen by accident, generally. We believe setting meaningful goals is a necessary ingredient to success in all areas of life. And our financial life is an area of life that matters.

We often think of great architecture as an example. One doesn’t just nail boards together to see what happens. First, one needs to envision a bridge, a hospital, a family’s home, to make something of beauty and value. So it is with our financial lives.

Kidworth has dozens of examples of smart goals you can adopt, or it helps you construct your own. Then it helps you achieve them by connecting with others easily and monitoring progress.

Meaningful ones. We recommend a portfolio – charitable goals, long term savings goals, investing to build wealth. Some short term goals too, since we should have fun along the way. Kidworth makes it easy for kids to build a combination of Share, Save and Spend goals.
Kidworth is the opposite of a registry. Nothing against registries – we use them sometimes - but the world didn’t need another one. Registries are focused on telling someone what you’d like right now – one form of consumption versus another. Kidworth, by contrast, is about building value for the long term – aggregating a bunch of resources (allowances, chores and jobs, gifts) to achieve big, lasting goals.

Several ways. You can share a link to your kid’s page with friends and family by email, or through various social media tools (Facebook, Twitter). You can also send party Invites or holiday eCards through Kidworth. Invites and eCards sent through Kidworth include a link to your kid’s page so that recipients know what your kid is working towards. Since gifts are such an important part of kids’ overall financial picture, sharing your kid’s goals around gift events (birthdays, holidays, etc.) is a great opportunity.

By purchasing gift cards towards any specific goal. Kidworth will notify you of any gift, and you can track the accumulation of gifts towards a goal over time. Kidworth also makes it easy to send a Thank You note with a few clicks. (An old fashioned courtesy with the ease of the digital age.) You can withdraw the funds at any time.

Kidworth is free for kids and families. We built Kidworth for our kids, and are giving it to other families because we believe it’s important. Please feel free to tell your friends – we’d like them to have it too. Anyone can review and support your kid’s goals free. However, if they purchase a gift card, we add a small fee to help cover the costs the bank charges for credit card processing.

Only the parent, who owns the account, can see account information. You can share the public version of your kid’s page with friends and family. These pages are not crawled by search engines and we use URL masking, so that you can control who sees the page by invite.

Please feel free to reach us at We’re parents too – we’d be delighted to hear from you with questions or suggestions.